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Block-based coding platform for makers and educators.

Explore IoT,computer vision etc.

Getting started with Internet Of things,computer vision,machine learning etc.

Experiment with Raspberry Pi

learn Physical computing and embedded designing using raspberry pi and python programming

Learn Python

learn coding using drag and drop visual blocks


Makblocks is a visual programming tool

Mak blocks is the block based visual programming tool for learning and exploring technologies like computer programming,embedded designing,raspberry pi programming,IoT,computer vision,machine learning etc.


Makblocks is the default programming environment for Makslate.Makslate is a modular electronic platform for quick prototyping powered by raspberry pi which consist of reusable electronic building blocks specially designed by functions to feed the curiosity of young minds.




What We Offer

Makblocks is designed and developed for making technology and computer programming accessible to all

Visual Programming

No frustrated syntax errors.Any one with zero programming experience can build their own projects by simply drag and drop the visual blocks

Learn Python with live code generator

Makblocks automatically generates the corresponding python codeof your visual blocks.Makblocks is the best tool for learning python code using visual blocks

Easy prototyping with makslate powered by raspberry pi

Makbocks helps you to design your electronic prototype using sensor modules and drag and drop blocks.


Our Approach to Ed-Tech

Our main goal is a new approach towards engineering. We make technology accessible to all.

Promote early age innovations

Our mission is to promote early age innovations and computational thinking

Bringing the maker culture.

Through the promotion of computational thinking and early age innovations ,we are trying to build the makers rather than users.

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